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Perry «Pear cider» semi-sweet sparkling
Perry «Pear cider» semi-sweet sparkling
Perry «Pear cider» semi-sweet sparkling
Perry combines thin crisp taste and a delicate smell of juicy yellow pear. In the aftertaste of the drink you can sense a light sourness and notes of home pear jam. An organic drink of natural fermentation evokes vivid memories of a sunny summer.
In the «Medovarus» workshop only reconstituted pear juice is used to make this product. Alcohol is not added to drinks, preservatives, artificial dyes and flavours, pasteurization are not used. The technology of production is under the control of «Mead Brewery Lab».
Water, pear juice concentrate, sugar, yeast. Prepared from reconstituted pear juice. Nutritional value: energy value (calorie content) - 250 kJ (60 kcal) in 100 g of the drink, carbohydrates - 8 g in 100 g of the drink. Alcohol: 4.5% by vol.
At a temperature of +2 to +20 ° C. After opening the package, store sealed in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.
Keg 30 litres, a bottle of 0.5 litres