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Honey drink «Wild»
Honey drink «Wild»
Honey drink «Wild»
The drink is filled with magic power of epic heroes and the mysterious spirit of the Scandinavian sagas. The rich taste of wild honey and coniferous forests are complemented by bright flavours of juniper berries and badan. A natural method of fermentation gives the drink a deep taste and a rich aftertaste.
In the "Medovarus" workshop we use only natural ingredients: cherry juice, juice of chokeberry, honey. Alcohol is not added to drinks, preservatives, artificial dyes and flavours, pasteurization are not used.
Water, sugar, syrup, honey, kvass wort concentrate (rye malt, water), hop, pine buds, juniper berries, ginger, rosemary, badan, yeast. Nutritional value: energy value (calorie content) - 250 kJ (60 kcal) in 100 g of the drink, carbohydrates - 8 g in 100 g of the drink. Alcohol: 5.8% vol.
At a temperature of +2 to +20 ° C. After opening the package, store sealed in the refrigerator for no more than two days.
Keg 30 litres, a bottle of 0.33 litres