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Kvass «Medovarus»
Kvass «Medovarus»
Kvass «Medovarus»
A traditional natural Russian drink, pleasing in the heat because of its coolness and taste. In Russia, kvass is drunk by all estates. Kvass is popular not only because of the pleasant taste, but also of its healing abilities. Kvass stimulates all the functions of the body, raises the general tone, beneficially affects the heart activity, it is a rich source of vitamins. Only live kvass, a drink of natural fermentation, has these magical qualities.
In the «Medovarus» workshop we use only natural ingredients: rye malt, sugar and honey. Preservatives, artificial dyes and flavours, pasteurization are not used. The technology of production is under the control of «Mead Brewery Lab».
Water, sugar, kvass wort concentrate (rye malt, water), honey, hop, yeast. <br> Nutritional value: energy value (caloric value) - 190 kJ (45kcal) per 100 g of the drink, carbohydrates - 10 g in 100 g of the drink.
At a temperature of +2 to +12C. Shelf life is 20 days. If the seal is preserved, the shelf life after bottling is two days. After opening the package is not subject to storage.
Keg 30 litre, keg 50 litres, bottle 1l